Monday, 17 February 2014

Hello 2014!!

Hi guys~

I haven't been update any single review since 2012. All my review before are still there but most of the pictures are already gone. I can retrieve few but most of the remaining pictures are the general pictures of products. Sorry about that. Hopefully even without the pictures I had before, you all can still enjoy reading my reviews.

Also, I guess I'm going to write new reviews later, add new pictures and talk about something else too. I think I'm about to start anew again. Hopefully I still get all of your support. Thank you for your time.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Majolica Majorca: Cheek Customize & TheFaceShop:

Hello all~~
Sorry for not making any new reviews lately. I've been caught up with my life schedule. So to make up for the loss time, I will make 2 reviews today~~ ^^ Both are blushers that I used right now and I love them both for their own use.

 Okay, the first blusher that I will talk about is the Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize (PK333) - berry pink color. This Cheek Customize have in 4 different colors but I chose this one because it almost got the same color as my favourite Puff de Cheek blusher before. Here what it looks like;

Description: 3-D powder blusher to accentuate your features.

Weight: 3 g

Direction: Apply lightly onto both of apples on your cheeks.

My Experience:
The packaging quite thin so it is easy to bring it anywhere. To open it, you have to slide aside it's top. For me the packaging quite different from other blusher and it looks quite expensive even though it made of hard plastic. As you guys can see, the color  tone really suits my skin tone. It is easier to apply than the Puff de Cheek because once apply you can already see it's color on your face, I guess it is because it's particles are smaller and softer than the Puff de Cheek and Cushion Blusher. It's also have a light shimmering so this one is not a matte type of blusher. What I don't like about this one is because I love to use my kabuki brush and it doesn't cover much on my brush, for it's packaging is in a small rectangle shape. So if you're buying this one, you should have the flat type brush instead of round

Repurchase: Maybe~~ It's not that I don't like it's color, I just don't like it's packaging shape ^^"

The second blusher I am going to write about is the Lovely Me:ex Cushion Blusher (04) - baby pink color from TheFaceShop. I got this one for free because the seller sent the wrong color from which I pick for a friend. So, here it is;

With a soft & light touch, you can have young looking face. The product and its porous sponge keeps your face moisturized without oil.

Weight: 7 g

Direction: Apply lightly onto both of apples on your cheeks using an included puff.

My Experience:
The packaging quite bulky so I never take it with me wherever I go. The puff is very cute and soft but I prefer using my Ecotools kabuki brush instead. This blusher texture quite hard but somehow it helps your face from getting too oily when time passes. Honestly, that is it's good trait. We would like our make up to stay long right?? X33 About it's color, this tone doesn't suits me at all. It's too pale, suits for people who have very white or bright skin tone like Chinese people. It is also a matte type blusher. So, I always mix this one with my Puff de Cheek blusher to create a new color tone and I really love it's result!! Try mixing your blushers, you might like it results and it can save yourself from feeling regrets from buying the wrong colors~~

Repurchase: No! Not the color for me and I would like to try other blushers.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Majolica Majorca: Puff de Cheek~~

Hello, it's been quite some time I haven't made any review. So, today I'm going to review about my favorite  blusher Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Peach Macaroons~~

This blusher got in 4 types of colors but I only bought the Peach Macaroons because it's suitable for my skin color. Other colors are Apricot Macaroons, Cherry Macaroon and Raspberry Macaroon. You guys can check them out and others Majolica Majorca products here! I would like to try the other colors but I have just bought another Majolica's blusher; Cheek Customize. I will made a review about this one too, later~~

No special technique needed for sweet cheeks! Rosy sweet and blush cheeks so mesmerizing that you can't resist.
* Soft puff included.

Weight: 7 g

Height: 2.5 cm

Directions & Cautions:
1) Apply an appropriate amount by patting the puff onto the apples of the cheek.
2) Firmly close the lid after use.
3) Discontinue use in any case of skin irritation or if product does not suit the skin.
4) Do not store in direct sunlight or under high temperatures.

My Experience:
Usually instead of using the puff, I use my kabuki brush from Ecotools. This blusher have a matte color, it doesn't have glitters. So if you are into a mild make up usage, you can try this one out.
The color not very visible on one apply. You need to apply few times on your cheek to get the visible color. But, that's how blusher works right? To get the beautiful and right color, you have to apply the blusher few times mildly instead of patting it thickly in one apply.
This blusher also doesn't last long. I realize that I have to touch my cheek up from time to time if i'm wearing for a day long~~

Repurchase: No. Even though I love it's color, I still want to try other blusher out.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Hello guys,
I just want to wish HAPPY FASTING and HAPPY EID to all of you~~ I haven't have time to post anything recently. I think I will start posting again after eid, in few weeks. Also, I will try The Innisfree Premium Set that I've got from Beautiyagie before and put the result here later.

I'm quite happy that my blog got some visitors, almost 300 now. Thank you so much for all your support! ^^ Kindly be my followers if you want to keep in touch with me. Any questions, just comment.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Packages for Today~~ X33


Few days ago I bought few products from Beautiyagie and Naturactor Collections~~ The products just arrived this evening ^^ I bought Naturactor Silky Lucent Powder from sis Zunita from Naturactor Collection because my powder almost finish. I already bought Octard Cover Foundation from her before and I really love these products. Will make a review about the both of them later~~

This time Beautiyagie sent me the Lovely Mix Baby Pink Blush Cushion from TheFaceShop. What surprised is that I'm the lucky winner for their Grand Opening!! They also sent me the Innisfree Premium Gift Set as lucky winner's prize, that contains The Green Tea Seed Serum, Green Tea Pure Skin, Green Tea Pure Lotion and The Green Tea Seed Cream. I don't know how to use them right now but I'll figure it out later and try them out. Of course, I'm going to review them later! X33 In addition, they also sent me free samples of White Secret Whitening Body Essence and Miracle Real Skin Finish.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the products. If anyone can teach me about how to use some of these products, please leave a comment! ^^

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